Welcome to Cedar Valley

Local Cedar Valley hand lettering expert and unlikely amateur sleuth Jamie enjoys creating hand lettering and calligraphy projects for weddings. Often those projects include wedding maps.

To help you find your way around town, she's created a few wedding-style maps of her small hometown. From Daisy Robyns' Cozy Hand Lettering Mystery books.


Who Shot the Serif

Cedar Valley Map - Who Shot the Serif


In the Nib of Time

Cedar Valley Map - In the Nib of Time


Kerning to Crime

Cedar Valley Map - Kerning to Crime


Cursive, Foiled Again!

Cedar Valley Map - Cursive, Foiled Again!


Process of Illumination

Cedar Valley Map - Process of Illumination


I'm the hand lettering main character and amateur sleuth in the Hand Lettering Mystery Series of cozy mysteries by Daisy Robyns. I have a preference for inspirational and uplifting quotes. In fact my house in Cedar Valley is a veritable gallery of my favorites. Naturally, that's where I feel most "at home" and do my best hand lettering and thinking. And that's where I have my light bulb moments when it comes to solving crimes.

I got into sleuthing accidentally. You can read all about it in Cursive, Foiled Again!, a free mini mystery by Daisy Robyns. I solve my first real murder in Who Shot the Serif?

And I love coffee and drink lots and lots of it. I do live near Seattle, after all!

All the perfect elements to keep readers enthralled. With a great storyline, a smart and savvy amateur sleuth, lots of twists and turns, and a long list of suspects, this book will keep a cozy mystery reader on the edge of their seat.
Suzy--Amazon Reviewer

A good balance between the quirky characters needed in a cozy mystery and the actual suspenseful mystery aspects.
Jamie BJ-Goodreads Reviewer


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