In the Nib of Time -- book 2 of the Hand Lettering Mystery Series

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In the Nib of Time

Hand Lettering Mystery #2

Ralph Coggins has been one of Jamie Lang's mentors and friends for years. A world-renowned master penman and calligrapher to queens and presidents, his script is perfection. So perfect that someone wants him out of the way. When Jamie stops by Ralph's house to deliver the 24K gold fountain pen nib he ordered, she finds him slumped over his drafting table, freshly dead. It takes her good friend with the bedroom eyes, Ridge Calhoun, Cedar Valley's chief of police and hottest bachelor, to determine what killed Ralph. And the cause of death is almost unbelievable. Now the question is—who killed Ralph? And how did they do it?

Ralph was well loved and respected in the lettering community. So Jamie thought. Until she finds herself embroiled in a world full of jealousy, secrets, revenge, unrequited love, and greed. Even some of Ralph's powerful and wealthy clients have motives for wanting him dead. And it isn't because they can't pay. As Jamie sifts through the clues, consuming copious amounts of coffee, she enlists the help of her rival hand letterer, Hot Hugh. With his sexy British accent and tight black T-shirts, it's hard not to be distracted by him. Now the only question is whether Jamie can find the killer in the nib of time. Before they still her pen for good.

If you enjoy cozy mysteries with something new, or if you're a fan of hand lettering, pen and ink art, graphic design, watercoloring, typography, calligraphy, and creative inspiration, this series is for you! Indulge your inner artist and sleuth.

Welcome to Cedar Valley, a thriving tourist town and popular wedding venue. Once you slip into town, you'll want to stay and grab a cup of coffee with hand lettering expert and unlikely amateur sleuth Jamie Lang while she solves crimes. Get Daisy's Hand Lettering Cozy Mystery Series today and get to know Jamie and the charming small town of Cedar Valley, Washington!

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Praise for Daisy's Hand Lettering Cozy Mysteries

"A wonderful story with lots of mystery - twists and turns to keep me guessing. I love the characters of this story and I am looking forward to reading more in this series."

I highly recommend both this book and the series to anybody who enjoys clever mysteries and small town charm.

"This a cozy mystery filled with madcap adventure, lots of twists and turns, great storyline, and a bunch of quirky characters."

"What a fabulous read! It kept me guessing till the end. Loving the characters and the town. A great start to a new series!"

A witty, charming mystery full of wonderful characters, twists and turns, and a lot of heart.

"The setting and secondary characters are very realistic. The main characters were extremely relatable and fun. I love the fact that there is a map in the front so you can see where this town is in relationship to Seattle. I look forward to spending more time in Cedar Valley, WA with the residents. I definitely recommend this book."

This author really knows how to write an awesome story and the characters are amazing.


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